March 26, 2017
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March 25, 2017

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will lead an Iranian delegation to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a two-day summit in Moscow starting Monday.

South Afghan dam project spikes tensions with Iran
March 26, 2017

In a corner of the southern Afghan desert, scorched by heat and thrashed by sandstorms, Nimruz is one of Afghanistan’s most remote and lawless provinces. Enjoying little international aid or government authority, it is also one of the least developed.

Now, there is hope for progress in Nimruz, but unfortunately that hope is pinned on a resource that could spark regional conflict with Iran: water.


President: Iran on the path of development
March 26, 2017
President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that Iran is on the path of development, urging all the Iranians to join hands to help the country further prosper. President Rouhani made the remarks speaking in an address to the people of Sanandaj in the western province of Kordestan.

Boosting production and employment requires all three branches of the government to help, the president said in a reference to naming the new Iranian year as the year of “Economy of Resistance, Production and Employment”.

In order to create jobs, production needs to be promoted and further capital...
Swedish Firm Accepts Deposits in Bitcoin to Facilitate Business with Iran
March 26, 2017
A Swedish company has come up with an innovative solution which both bypasses US sanctions and does away with the need for banks to process transactions with Iran, a report said.

Brave New World Investments AB is reportedly accepting deposits in bitcoin which it converts to Iranian rial and invests in equities on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE).

With some US sanctions against Iran still in place in spite of a nuclear agreement, major banks have been"...

Baghdad urged to play role in improving Arab states ties with Iran
March 26, 2017
An Iraqi analyst believes that Baghdad can play a significant role, like what Kuwait and Oman do, to better relations between Iran and Arab states in the Persian Gulf region. Speaking to IRNA here, Mahmoud al-Hashimi said that Iraq could do so if the Iraqi government were united and followed a successful policy.

Referring to the recent exchange of visits between senior Iranian, Omani and Kuwaiti officials, the analyst said that a serious move has been taken in the region towards establishment of a new structure in Iran-Saudi Arabia ties.

According to al-Hashimi, if Iraq plays such...
Iran Never Interested to Support Taliban: Official
March 26, 2017

The caretaker of Iran’s Interest Section in Washington has called Taliban’s actions in Afghanistan as a hostile movement, adding Iran never interested to support the Taliban.

“There were a lot of rumors once a time about Iran supporting al-Qaeda and Taliban, but in fact Iran’s policy is based on contacts with the government of Afghanistan, because Taliban has no legitimacy for Iran,” Mehdi Atefat, caretaker of Iran’s"...