September 20, 2018
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Trade wars and falling Iran exports to impact supply and demand, says Opec
September 19, 2018

An escalation in US rhetoric in the ongoing trade war with China as well as falling Iranian exports will have an impact on supply and demand, with Opec collectively acting to balance oil markets, the group’s secretary general said yesterday. on Tuesday.

“Trade is a major quantum in the overall global economic equation and whatever affects the free flow of trade will ultimately impact growth and will have an impact on oil demand and also"...

Rial’s Depreciation Threatening Iran’s Border Markets
September 19, 2018

Media reports show that people of Iraq, and also other neighbours of Iran, are flocking to border markets of the Islamic Republic amid the historic devaluation of rial, turning basic commodities into rare goods for local residents.

It’s been a while that the threats and challenges against Iranian border markets, particularly in the western and southern, areas have turned into a hot topic for discussions in various circles in Iran but as things"...

Analysis: Iran's oil exports show surprise rebound in H1 Sep
September 19, 2018

Oil exports from Iran showed a surprise rebound in the first half of September from the same period in August, preliminary tanker tracking data showed, but loadings still remain below the average exports of August as key buyers start to reduce dependence on Iran's oil.

This is a timely reminder to the market that the sharp downward trend in Iran's crude supply may not be so straightforward and that moving forward, demand from India, China and"...

Iran-China consortium to supply 630 railroad cars for Iran subway
September 19, 2018

A consortium of Iranian and Chinese companies has won the tender to build and supply 630 cars for Tehran’s Subway on Wednesday, according to the spokesman for Iranian Interior Ministry.

Iranian Interior Ministry spokesman Seyed Salman Samani said today that the government has agreed to finance the construction of as many as 2,000 railroad cars in 9 Iranian biggest cities including Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Qom, Karaj, Ahvaz and"...

Official: Iran, Afghanistan Border Trade Exchanges Normal
September 19, 2018

Border trade exchanges between Iran's South Khorassan province and the neighboring country of Afghanistan is normal, a provincial official said, dismissing the recent claim on a ban on exports by Iran.

'About 570 Iranian and Afghan lorries went back and forth during the past two days in Mahiroud border in Northeast of Iran,' Director of the provincial border checkpoint markets Mohammad-Reza Fakhr said.