‘Hotels & Restaurants’ Inflation Hit 76.4%

March 3, 2023

'Hotels and Restaurants”, one of 12 groups of goods and services surveyed by the Statistical Center of Iran for calculating the inflation rate, registered an average annualized inflation rate of 76.4% in the 11th month of the current Iranian year (Jan. 21-Feb. 19), the highest among the groups under review.

The month-on-month and year-on-year inflation rates of the group were reported at 3.2% and 78.9% respectively. The YOY inflation was also highest among the groups surveyed.

The 12 groups of the basket of consumer goods and services surveyed by SCI include 'food and beverages' with a coefficient of 26.64%, 'tobacco' with 0.59%, 'clothing and shoes' with 4.78%, “housing and utilities' with 35.5% (highest), 'furniture, home appliances and their maintenance' with 3.93%, 'health and treatment' with 7.14%, 'transportation' with 9.41%, 'communications' with 2.87%, 'leisure and culture' with 1.65%, 'education' with 1.86%, 'hotels and restaurants' with 1.44% and 'miscellaneous items and services' with 4.18%.


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