More than 607000 people benefit from Bank Melli Iran's interest-free loan

March 8, 2023

To maintain and improve the admirable interest-free tradition, and also to respond to emergency and small financial needs, BMI always considers the fair distribution of interest-free loans to in-need, poor, vulnerable, and underprivileged people and target groups of support organizations, one of its important policies and priorities and acts on it.

According to BMI public relations, this bank allocated a total of 607701 Loans with very low interest in the value of 366657 Billion Rials to qualified applicants from Farvardin 1st until the end of Bahman this year.

BMI gave more than 232000 billion Rials in interest-free loans to 166937 applicants during the last 11 months from interest-free resources, and thanks to the BMI marriage loan, 505 young people got married per day on average.

Since the announcement and starting registration to give interest-free child loans, BMI is determined and serious in line with the Youthful Population and Protection of the Family law, so interest-free child loans got more than 50882 billion Rial during this period by BMI.

Accordingly, BMI branches gave 154 interest-free child loans To qualified young people on average in a total of 11 months, as the number of these loans has grown compared to the same period of the last year.

In addition to this approach, Supporting job opportunity creation and home business for poor people and target groups of support organizations, are other important policies and priorities of BMI.

Accordingly, by fair distribution of loans, BMI took important steps in line with the growth and extension of home business and self-employment Comprehensive national programs to target community of support organizations.

Therefore during the 11 months of this year a total of 62395 job creation and self-employment loans, in value of 53212 billion real were given to knowledge-based companies and people and target groups of support organizations, and business owners under the support Of the Ministry of Labor Cooperation and Social Welfare like Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, State Welfare Organization of Iran, Barekat Foundation, Poor Institution, Armed Forces' soldiers, prisoners, etc.


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