Iran now seeks to restore ties with Bahrain and other regional countries

March 15, 2023
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Following its recent rapprochement with Saudi Arabia, Iran is now seeking to restore relations with Bahrain and several other countries in the region, a spokesman for the foreign ministry in Tehran said on Monday.

'Fortunately, with the positive atmosphere that we are witnessing in the region, this positive development [with Saudi Arabia] can happen in connection with other regional countries as well, including Bahrain,' said Nasser Kanaani during his weekly press conference. 'The resumption of political relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia shows the effectiveness and success of diplomacy as a solution to settle differences.'

Iran and Saudi Arabia announced last Friday that they will resume diplomatic relations in two months. The agreement followed negotiations hosted by China. he added.

'This important diplomatic development could have positive effects and results in regional relations between countries in this common geography,' explained Kanaani. 'Relations between Iran and Bahrain are no exception to this principle.'

The UAE and Kuwait have restored diplomatic relations with Iran over the past few months. Bahrain has repeatedly accused Iran of supporting a Shia uprising against the authorities with the aim of overthrowing the Manama government. Tehran denies any involvement.

Relations between Riyadh and Tehran were severed in 2016, when Iranian protesters attacked Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran after the Kingdom executed an opposition Shia cleric. Other Gulf states, including Bahrain, the UAE and Kuwait, subsequently cut diplomatic ties with Iran in a show of solidarity with Saudi Arabia.


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