Isfahan Oil Refinery to Become Petro-Refinery Holding Company

March 17, 2023
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Isfahan Oil Refinery in the central Isfahan Province has launched development plans to turn into a petro-refinery holding company and one of the plans is to become a major propylene producer in three years, the company’s managing director said.

“The goal will be achieved by constructing a residue fluid catalytic cracking [RFCC] unit, and it is expected to produce 600,000 tons of propylene in 2026,” Mohsen Qadiri was also quoted as saying by the Energy Today website.

Propylene is a colorless gas with a naturally pungent smell. It is a key commodity in the petrochemical industry and can be transformed into value added products like polypropylene and create jobs in the downstream petrochemical sector.

RFCC units help convert hydrotreated and straight-run resid to high levels of propylene.


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