Foundation Slams Gov’t Decision to Import 2.3m Tons of Wheat

January 7, 2021

T he government has decided to import about 2.3 million tons of wheat during the course of the current crop year (September 2020-21) to replenish its strategic reserves, according to the head of the National Wheat Farmers Foundation.

“Local farmers as well as our foundation are strongly opposed to this decision. We believe that if the guaranteed prices are reasonably set and the government devises proper policies for the annual purchase of the grain, domestic production can adequately meet the country’s demand,” Ataollah Hashemi also told Young Journalists Club.

The official noted that due to faulty policies and low guaranteed purchase prices set by the government, farmers refrain from selling part of their harvest and high-quality wheat suitable for human consumption is used as livestock and poultry feed because it pays better.

Hashemi said it is estimated that wheat production will exceed 13 million tons in the current crop year, which is sufficient to meet domestic annual consumption and to fill the government’s strategic reserves.


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