Airlines’ Debts to Mehrabad Int’l Airport Reach $20m

January 12, 2021

A irline companies’ debts to Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport amount to 5,100 billion rials ($20 million), the director general of the airport said.

“Iran’s four major airlines have unpaid debts worth over 3,850 billion rials [$15.4 million] to Mehrabad for services they have received from the airport. The smallest of such debts is 100 billion rials [$400,000] and the biggest is 1,670 billion rials [$6.68 million],” Ebrahim Moradi was also quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.

“The airlines’ failure to repay their debts would lead to a decline in the airport’s quality of services as well as its incapability to fund its various projects,” he added.


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