Qanbari appointed as new head of IPO

January 24, 2021
finance & economy

TEHRAN- Hassan-Ali Qanbari was appointed as the new head of the Iranian Privatization Organization (IPO).

Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Farhad Dejpasand appointed Qanbari to the post on Sunday.

Having a Ph.D. degree in economics, Qanbari has been working in the banking and investment sectors.

He has been a former managing director of Bank Sepah, and Omid Investment Group, as well as a board member of Bank Day, Hekmat Iranian Bank, and Post Bank of Iran.

In mid-November last year, Alireza Saleh resigned as the head of IPO, and Hassan Alaei, the deputy head of IPO, replaced Saleh as the acting head of the mentioned organization.

The Iranian Privatization Organization affiliated with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs is in charge of implementing the country’s privatization programs by setting prices and ceding shares to the general public and on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE).


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