Aviation Technologies Indigenized

January 25, 2021

A n Iranian knowledge-based company has indigenized aviation technologies for conducting repairs and supplying devices to support domestic aviation industries amid US unilateral sanctions.

Called Simorgh Aviation Maintenance of Iran (Samir), the company started developing components for the maintenance and overhaul of aircrafts in 2016 in Garmdarreh district, southwest of Tehran, the Vice Presidential Office for Science and Technology reported on its website.

On Saturday, Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari visited different sections of the company and reviewed the firm’s accomplishments.

By gaining expertise over the past few years, Samir has steadily expanded its activities from general maintenance of planes and helicopters to repairing a variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, avionic and electric components, plus safety equipment, batteries and wheel brake system.

Samir is the first Iranian aviation unit to have established separate overhaul labs for pneumatic and hydraulic components, the company said. In these laboratories, technicians test Skydrol 500B-4 fire-resistant aviation hydraulic fluid and repair evacuation slides, life vests, capsule-type fire extinguishers, emergency oxygen system and brake system components.


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