Telecom Operator Links 45,000 Schools to Internet in 18 Months

September 12, 2021

T elecommunications Company of Iran, Iran's top fixed-line operator, announced that it has linked over 45,000 schools to the internet in the last 18 months.

TCI CEO Majid Soltani told ISNA that his organization was entrusted with connecting 81,591 schools to the National Information Network by the end of the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan (2017-22), which include 40,490 urban and 41,101 rural schools.

NIN is a local network described by Iranian authorities as an alternative, independent network with content compatible with Islamic values to facilitate Iranian users’ access to indigenous content and curb educational disparity.

“The project has proceeded by 64% so far and work is underway, despite the delay,” Soltani said.


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