Iran becomes world’s 20th biggest auto producer

September 28, 2021

TEHRAN – Iran currently stands in 20th place among the world’s top automobile manufacturers producing 821,060 vehicles by the end of 2019, according to the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles (OICA), reported.

Based on the OICA data, China is the world’s largest producer of vehicles, manufacturing over 21 million cars and 4.36 million commercial vehicles. The largest domestic car manufacturers in China, known as the traditional “Big Four,” are SAIC Motor, Dongfeng, FAW, and Chang’an.

The United States is the second-largest car producer in the world, although it produces less than half of what China does, manufacturing over 2.5 million cars and 8.37 million commercial vehicles.

Japan with 9.68 million cars, Germany with 4.66 million, India with 4.51 million, Mexico with 3.99 million, South Korea with 3.95 million, Brazil with 2.94 million, Spain with 2.82 million, and France with 2.20 million cars were the other top producers in the world, during 2019.

Three major Iranian carmakers, namely Iran Khodro Company (IKCO), SAIPA Group, and Pars Khodro, manufactured 345,392 vehicles during the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-August 22).

According to the Codal portal data, the production by the mentioned companies has decreased by 0.83 percent compared to the previous year’s same five months in which the output stood at 348,303.

During the said five months, IKCO manufactured 169,956 vehicles, 891 vehicles more than the same period last year.

SAIPA manufactured 131,699 vehicles in the mentioned period. Production by this automaker fell 4.28 percent in comparison to the previous year’s same time span.

Pars Khodro also manufactured 43,767 vehicles in the period under review, of which 8,759 were manufactured in the fifth month.

Back in August, Iranian Industry, Mining, and Trade Minister Seyyed Reza Fatemi Amin said that his ministry has a two-year plan for the auto industry based on which this industry will undergo serious changes and improve significantly.

“We must strengthen competition, improve management and economic mechanisms, and increase production in the auto industry in order to succeed in our plans,” Fatemi Amin said.

'Our plan is to produce 1.6 million vehicles next year (begins in March 2022), which will increase to three million units in [the Iranian calendar year] 1404 (begins in March 2025), and 30 percent of the production, equivalent to about one million units, should be sent to export markets,' he added.


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