Apparent Steel Usage Dwindles

October 26, 2021
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I ran's apparent steel usage decreased in the first six months of the current Iranian year (March 21-Sept. 22) compared with last year's corresponding period.

Apparent steel usage is defined as production plus imports minus exports, sometimes also adjusted for changes in inventories.

The apparent usage totaled 8.01 million tons for finished products, posting a 16% decrease year-on-year, according to the Iranian Steel Producers Association.

Long steel products accounted for the largest portion of finished steel consumption with 4.05 million tons, down 16% YOY.

Rebar grabbed the biggest share in this section with 3.22 million tons, down 18% YOY, followed by beams with 507,000 tons (down 10% YOY) and L-beam, T-beam and other types with 323,000 tons (down 8% compared with the same period of last fiscal year).


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