Iranian Banks Pay Tech Loans Worth Over $700m in 6 Months

October 26, 2021

L ocal banks have collectively paid 198.9 billion rials ($718 million) in loans to 857 knowledge-based companies and startups in the first half of the current Iranian year (March 21-Sept. 22).

According to the Central Bank of Iran’s data, private banks, credit institutions, privatized banks and public banks have respectively paid the highest amount of financial aid to applicants, IRNA reported.

CBI says the share of private banks and credit institutions out of the total figure amounts to 91.74 trillion rials ($331 million), followed by privatized banks with 77.8 trillion rials ($280.8 million) and state banks with 29.3 trillion rials ($105.8 million).

During the six months under review, the lowest amount of loans paid by banks and credit institutions reached 22.63 trillion rials ($81.72 million) in the first Iranian month (March 21-April 22).


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