Cellphones Top Import List

January 6, 2022

A total of 13.06 million smartphones and cellphones worth $2.94 billion were imported in the current Iranian year’s first nine months (March 21-Dec. 21), registering a 42% and 117% growth in terms of number and value year-on-year respectably, according to the technical deputy of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration’s Statistics Office.

These figures do not include the smartphones brought in by passengers and are only based on IRICA’s official data.

“According to non-oil trade statistics for the nine months, imports amounted to 30.1 million tons worth $36.9 billion. This volume of imports includes 4,630 items [under the 8-digit HS code], which were imported from 115 countries,” Arezou Ghaniyoun was also quoted as saying by IRIB News.


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